Music Production

This section is dedicated to my day job, which entails anything and everything to do with sound. Studio and mobile recording.  Live sound reinforcement and sound design.  Full music production (arranging, mixing, mastering) and session work.  I'm also available for freelance work (as a live/studio engineer or session musician).  Feel free to email me for more information.


Silent Night session with Carla Bianco and Eric DeFade

I've been working the "other side of the glass" professionally since 1996.  I've recorded and mixed hundreds of artists since then.  For the past fifteen years I've been chief sound engineer at Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center, although lately I've been doing more work out of my home studio.

Live Sound

Savanah Jack live in the Main Theater

I got into live sound by accident, after an artistic director overheard me bragging that I could probably fix a feedback problem in the main theater. He called my bluff and I plunged headlong into the abyss, learning through trial and error.   
Along the way I've mixed musical and straight theater, full orchestras, jazz bands (big and small) and large concerts.  I've done lectures by famous pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht, live concerts with Shirley Jones and the late Marvin Hamlisch, and most recently a tribute to David Bowie, featuring his longtime pianist, Mike Garson.   
I've helped build our studio theater into one of the best sounding venues in the western PA and the annual "In the Box" series has become a favorite gathering for music lovers.   

Full Production

My home studio, where most of the work gets done these days

Taking a project from start to finish as a songwriter, arranger, producer, engineer and session musician is still the greatest thrill I know.  Due to ever increasing class sizes at LPPACS, I currently do most of the "sausage making" (additional instrumentation, editing and mixing) out of my humble home.  (Note:  I've since updated my chair and my back is so thankful!)