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Paul McCartney once claimed that no band could perform “I Am the Walrus” live.  Don Cameron accepted the challenge and upped the stakes by performing the song solo and “knocking it out of the park!” as one fan described the experience.   
Starting with the idea that a great song should stand on its own, Don carefully crafts the perfect arrangement using only a guitar and his incredible voice.  He chooses songs that “everyone loves, but very few performers attempt.”  The results must be heard to be believed! 
With upwards of 150 songs in his repertoire, the former keyboard player and vocalist for southern legends, The Marshall Tucker Band, has thrown the accepted performer template out the window in an effort to give audiences as much great music as possible.  He rarely takes more than one ten-minute pause during a typical three-hour performance.  “I’ve always found myself wanting to get back up on stage two minutes after I walk off,” claims the veteran entertainer. “So why not just keep on playing?” 
Cameron also brings decades of experience as a live sound engineer and music producer to every performance.  He’ll make sure it sounds perfect at whatever level your venue requires.  

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